Screw the suit, you are on global Formula 1 tv!!

So… I am watching the 2009 Chinese Formula 1 race, and when giving out the tropies, the heads of state decided that protecting their suits (like they are going to wear them for something more important than 100 million+ people!!!) was of utmost umportance!?!?! OMFG!!!

BK Happy Ending Meal!?!?!???

Okay, so what’s the deal with the new Burger King BK Kids Meal ad, set to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”???

I mean… really?

Is this an ad for a happy meal for a kid???

Or… is it an ad for a Happy Ending Meal for Dad???

Here’s the video:

Stupid baby sister!

My sister just told me she was trying to fix a string of lights and needed to remove a bulb… with her teeth… broke the bulb, cut her lip, and… so stupid… shocked herself even more silly… it was PLUGGED IN!!! fucking tard!

Seriously!! what’s with all the fucking spam??

okay, so one little blog post with the word “sex” in the title, and now I get 100 spam comment a day!! Who the fuck do they really think clicks ok these stupid things????

do not dive in!

Nine-ten months ago I took these 2 pictures thinking; “man, I have to blog about these!!!”. BUT, it appears when I am at my REAL computer I always seem to have better things to do… now, when waiting around, the iPhone makes it all happen.. ahhhhh…

anyway, such scary pictures!! and, I love the “blood” (rusty water) on the first one that brings the true danger of diving to a whole new level!!

I took these pictures in 2 different east coast cities.

sex??? thats NOT what i wanted!!!

Okay, while sex is not a bad thing, this is NOT the case when sending a quick business email and trying to abbrivate “second” to “sec”, and right as I press send, I see I has auto-corrected it to “sex”!!!!

I’m in the elevator and I scream “noooo!!!” people look at me startled… crap!!

but.. I did write this blog post on said iPhone!! :-)

sample iphone blog

this is a post from my iphone, maybe this will make me blog???


Just had a thought… if 666 is the number of the devil, is 999 the number of the god ?

just asking

Dances with Costner…

So, many years ago…  while watching Dances with Wolves…  and thinking; “Will this thing EVER end…  Jeez…”.

Why on earth should any movie last 3 hours! So, since then, i’ve take to naming every LONG movie i watch with Costner as a part of it “Dances with…”.  

Why is it Costner can’t be in movies which, like normal, are under 2 hours in length???

Here’s my list:

  • Dances with Wolves – 180 minutes
  • Dances with Tights – 143 minutes
  • Dances with Dead Presidents – 189 minutes
  • Dances with Whitney – 130 minutes
  • Dances with Gills – 130 minutes
  • Dances with Golf Balls – 135 minutes
  • Dances with Mail – 177 minutes
  • Dances with Missles – 145 minutes
  • Dances with Elvis – 125 minutes
  • Dances with Divers – 139 minutes
  • Dances with Side Arms – 139 minutes

Evil Airbag?!?

I’ve been thinking for years that I wanted to start a site for this…  since the day I bought this domain. I’m going to reserve this for odd things i find which don’t seem very smart, or jokingly don’t seem very smart.

My first post is this picture I took from the sun visor of the Ford Escape rental I have at the moment. I was sitting in traffic when I noticed this picture above me, and was thinking…  Ouch!! I don’t want an airbag which hits me in the balls! Who would design an airbag which targets the face, throat, and balls?!?!?!!?!